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On The Fly Outfitters is the fly shop located in downtown Brunswick on 1501 Newcastle St. They are a full service fly shop that has been around since 2017 and are dedicated to get you out on the water and supply any gear that best would suit any angler on the water.

On The Fly Outfitters

Orvis Fly Fishing has been an incredible company since 1856 when it was first created. They are by far one of the best designers of fly rods in the industry and have a leading edge in technology. This is why I carry Orvis Gear on my vessel!

Orvis Fly Fishing

The Flats Skiff of Choice is the Hell's Bay Professional. Capable of polling in super skinny conditions as well as crossing our bigger sounds to access fish even if the weather is a little rough. Outfitted to maximize your chance of catching that fish of a lifetime!

Hell's Bay

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